Monday, August 26, 2013

Maintaining Clean, Dry Metal Parts using Nitrogen Gas

In the metals manufacturing industry, maintaining a clean, dry environment is critical. The presence of moisture can lead to rust, oxidization, or corrosion, all of which can damage the metal parts and reduce the quality of metal products. The best way to eliminate the risk of moisture is through the application of nitrogen gas - a clean, dry, inert gas.

When metal parts are manufactured, they are often covered in dirt and small bits of debris leftover from the production process. These impurities have to be washed away before the parts are packaged and shipped to the customers. After the parts are washed, they need to be dried quickly to prevent moisture from accumulating and reacting with oxygen. This reaction is what causes oxidization, corrosion or rust.

Most facilities use Nitrogen gas in the drying process instead of compressed air, as it does not create the same, unwanted reaction when it encounters water. Nitrogen displaces the presence of Oxygen, eliminating it completely, and thereby eliminating any harmful reaction with water and breaking up the corrosion triangle.

The drying process using N2 gas provides a completely moisture-free environment for the metal parts, as it displaces existing Oxygen molecules with dry Nitrogen gas. The dry quality of Nitrogen is due to the fact that nitrogen's dew point (the point at which it becomes a liquid) is extremely low. The dew point of Nitrogen typically ranges between -40 and -100 degrees F, which means it's virtually impossible for it to liquefy in a controlled manufacturing setting.

The only drawback to using Nitrogen for metal manufacturing is the safety risk associated with handling high-pressure Nitrogen cylinders. Thankfully, +South-Tek Systems  provides a more modernized, efficient, and safe method for Nitrogen application - Nitrogen Generation Systems. Instead of having to rely on the gas company to bring your Nitrogen supply to you, a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems can provide you with high-purity N2 gas on-demand, 24/7. Because Nitrogen Generators create Nitrogen from the surrounding air, there's little chance that your facility will run out and those expensive and dangerous N2 cylinders will become a thing of the past.

To learn more about how Nitrogen Gas can benefit your facility and help inhibit metal corrosion, call South-Tek Systems at (888) 526-6284.


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