Friday, September 27, 2013

Absorbents and Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen is commonly used in a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. One such use for this safe, dry gas is to create a low moisture environment for manufacturing.

An environment that is low in moisture is often critical to the successful production of various products. Absorbent products, for example, typically require zero to very little moisture in order to be produced effectively. Nitrogen can be used to safely and efficiently reduce moisture in the manufacturing environment to ensure the absorbent products are created with the best quality before being shipped to outlets and consumers. Disposable diapers, sanitary pads or other products used to absorb moisture are some of the most common examples of products that require low moisture environments to be produced.  Learn more about Nitrogen Use with Absorbent Products.

So where does Nitrogen come into play? 

Because Nitrogen gas is non-combustible, it can be used to safely inert transportation lines and storage vessels within a manufacturing facility while the absorbent material is assembled into the final product. Companies that use Nitrogen either receive their supply from a Nitrogen gas supplier or they can choose to invest in a Nitrogen generation system that produces high purity N2 gas at the point of process without the hassle of refills and cylinder changeouts. Over the years, more companies have chosen to install Nitrogen generators, as these provide a more efficient way to access Nitrogen gas.

Benefits of a Nitrogen Generation System

Other benefits of a Nitrogen generation system include:
  • eliminating the risk of running out of N2 gas during peak production times,
  • eliminating the need to handle high-pressure Nitrogen cylinders
  • producing a more cost-effective solution to manufacturing needs
With an on-site N2 generator, the supply of Nitrogen is created from the surrounding air, which means the facility will have an on-demand Nitrogen supply.

Significantly Reduce Production Costs

Back in 2008, one diaper manufacturing facility switched to a Nitrogen generator from South-Tek Systems. They also purchased three new air compressors and added an air handling room to their plant. Before the installation, this company was paying between $300,000 and $350,000 per year for their Nitrogen gas costs. After installing the Nitrogen gas generator from South-Tek System, their cost was dramatically reduced to less than $30,000 per year.

In these tough economic times, reducing manufacturing costs is something nearly all companies are concerned about. Because manufacturing has long been a cornerstone of the U.S. economy, it makes sense for facilities to seek out the newest and most advanced technologies to help keep production moving efficiently and at a low cost. By switching to a Nitrogen generator, a typical manufacturing facility is likely to see a major boost to their bottom line. This can not only work as an important part of an overall cost-reduction plan, it could pave the way for further economic growth in other areas, including employee salaries, new hires, increased production, expansion and more.

Just think of what your company could do with an extra $320,000 per year!

Contact South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen gas generators. If you'd like to request a free cost analysis for your facility to see how much you could save by switching to an on-site Nitrogen generation system, please visit or call (888) 526-6284.


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