Friday, October 18, 2013

Using Nitrogen in Animal Feed Storage

When it comes to storing perishable products like animal feed, oxidation and moisture control are ongoing concerns for facility managers. The use of Nitrogen gas in animal feed storage can prevent oxygen from entering the storage atmosphere and greatly reduce the chance of moisture entering the containers.

How Does Nitrogen Gas Help with Animal Feed Storage?

By displacing moisture and reducing the oxygen levels in feed storage, facilities can prevent the product from going bad and also lengthen the feed's shelf life. After all, it may take days or weeks before the feed reaches the consumers, so maintaining optimal storage conditions is a must. Nitrogen works to preserve the feed's quality and lengthen shelf life by taking the place of oxygen in the packaging and/or storage material. This can be done through the assembly process by pumping Nitrogen into the containers from a direct line.

Why Use a Nitrogen Generator?

In years past, many animal feed facilities relied on expensive gas cylinders to store their Nitrogen supply. This usually required high-dollar yearly contracts with gas suppliers. Also, it left the facilities vulnerable to run-outs during peak production times. Modernly, more facilities are turning to on-demand Nitrogen through revolutionary Nitrogen generators. These generators are installed at the point of process in the facility and produce Nitrogen gas from the surrounding air. Because the Nitrogen supply is directly pulled from the air we breathe, there's little to no chance of ever running out. This not only keeps the facility operating efficiently and safely, it can save the facility hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Contact South-Tek Systems 

South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. We offer a wide selection of N2 generation systems to suit a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. Animal feed storage is just one of the many applications in which Nitrogen generators can be used. Wine storage, absorbent materials production, metal parts production, fire protection systems and laboratory applications are some of the other industries that can benefit from an on-site Nitrogen Generator.

Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more or to request a free cost analysis for your facility. You might be surprised to see just how much money your company can save by switching to a Nitrogen Generator. Call (888) 526-6284 to learn more about how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your storage facility.


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