Friday, November 22, 2013

Nitrogen Gas for Transmission Lines

When you combine the presence of oxygen, moisture, and certain other materials, corrosion can occur. This corrosion can cause long-term damage and ruin the structure and operation of various mechanical and industrial components. Transmission lines are no exception.

In addition to corrosion, transmission lines can also be vulnerable to voltage arcs and oxidization when oxygen and moisture are present. Not only will these problems jeopardize the integrity of the lines, the equipment and broadcasted end product can also be compromised.

The best way to prevent these inconvenient and often costly issues is to utilize Nitrogen gas. By positively pressurizing the transmission line with supervisory Nitrogen generated by South-Tek's N2-GEN® TL Series - Arc Suppression System, the dew point within the line can be kept lower than the temperature of the line itself. This effectively displaces the oxygen and moisture and greatly reduces the risk of voltage arcs, corrosion and other problematic reactions.

This system can also be equipped with our AutoPurge System and BlastOff Leak Detection System, to further enhance your Nitrogen Generator's performance. The AutoPurge System is designed to control positive pressure within the transmission line and maximize the life of the overall Nitrogen Generation System. The BlastOff Leak Detection System comes standard equipped with every N2-GEN Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems. It allows the user to know immediately when there is a leak or when the system is running excessively to compensate for the leak. This can help detect leaks before they become significant and alert the user so they can address the issue right away.

You can learn more about the N2-GEN® TL Series - Arc Suppression System and other Nitrogen Generation products by visiting our website, downloading the N2-GEN Arc Suppression System Brochure, or by contacting us directly at 888-526-6284.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Engineered Solutions from South-Tek Systems

Engineered Solutions for Monitoring and Measuring Your Nitrogen Generator System
South-Tek Systems offers several solutions for monitoring and measuring your Nitrogen Generator system. Depending on your facility's needs, you may find that some of these solutions will greatly enhance your Nitrogen Generation process.

Here's a brief overview of each of our engineered Nitrogen monitoring solutions:

Performance Verification Systemss™ (PVS)
Every industrial Nitrogen Generator manufactured through South-Tek comes with the Performance Verification System. Designed, installed and certified by a reputable third party company, the PVS monitors and logs data such as the exact parameters of the N@-GEN® - Nitrogen Generation System during actual operation in real time. Why is this so important? The PVS provides the customer with a detailed, documented, full load test of their system under their input and output specifications. This can be instrumental in identifying site issues, troubleshooting and maintenance.

MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification Services
South-Tek provides the Patent Pending MAP-IT™ Flow and Purity Verification Service to ensure your Nitrogen Generator is maintaining the maximum Nitrogen flow rate and optimum Nitrogen purity for your process. Verifying the flow rate and purity is essential to correctly size a Nitrogen Generator for your installation. Furthermore, understanding the maximum Nitrogen flow rate and minimum Nitrogen purity needed for your process can help you increase savings and conserve your Nitrogen supply.

BlastOff™ Leak Protection System
The Patent Pending BlastOff™ Leak Protection System is provided exclusively with Nitrogen Generation Systems from South-Tek. This revolutionary technology is engineered to detect leaks within the external environment of the application. It's also equipped with an audible run-time alarm that sounds when the Nitrogen Generator runs excessively to compensate for the leaks. The BlastOff Leak Protection System can be used in Fire Protection Systems/N2-Blast® applications as well as in restaurant and bar/BeerBlast™ applications.

Electronics Controller Packages
South-Tek Systems provides a wide range of Electronics Controller Packages to help the user monitor and control various aspects of their Nitrogen Generation System. From filter replacement reminders to nitrogen to air ratio conversions and much more, South-Tek offers many standard and optional features to enhance the user's experience with operating a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems.

Flow Verification Program
Before committing to a particular Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, customers can utilize our Flow Verification Program to determine the best option for their facility's needs. An important component of the Flow Verification Program is the flow meter. This consumer-friendly Nitrogen flow meter was designed as part of our new Flow Verification Program to accurately determine the customer's Nitrogen flow rate requirements prior to purchasing a new generator. The Flow Verification process is fairly simple and non-intrusive, fitting to your Nitrogen gas line.

For details on any of the above-mentioned technology, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. South-Tek Systems is proud to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality Nitrogen Generators to suit a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services: 888-526-6284

Friday, November 8, 2013

Electronics Controller Packages for N2 GEN Nitrogen Generators

At South-Tek Systems, we understand how important it is to provide our customers with easy to use technology to help monitor their Nitrogen Generation Systems. That's why every Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek comes standard with a full color 3.5" Integrated PLC/HMI touch screen controller. The user-friendly interface allows you to monitor and control a variety of aspects and settings to optimize your Nitrogen Generator's performance.

In addition to the many standard features included with the electronic controller, South-Tek can provide a variety of optional instruments and controllers to further provide the user with easy access to a number of settings and operations.

Standard features of the electronics controller include filter replacement reminders, incoming air pressure monitoring, Nitrogen storage tank pressure monitoring, visual valve sequencing, on/off toggle switch, and more. A few of the optional instruments and controllers include Allen Bradly PLC with Panel View C300, O2 sensors, pressure dewpoint meter, Nitrogen to air ratio conversions, and remote start/stop. To view the complete list of standard and optional features, visit our electronics controller packages webpage.

In addition to these features, South-Tek can also provide engineered to order solutions for your contoller needs. We have full engineering staff support, so we can likely provide you with a specific package that offers just the right combination of options. Whether you need to access specific data or perform full plant system integration of the Nitrogen Generator diagnostics, South-Tek can work with you to customize a controller for your unique needs.

You can learn more about our range of electronics controller packages and optional instruments on our website, or by calling 888-526-6284.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Prevent Threat of Film Oxidization & Separation

Believe it or not, Americans are still pretty regular consumers of film, which is why production facilities must continue to maintain optimal levels of manufacturing and storage to ensure the quality of their products.

Did you know that last year, 35 million rolls of film sold in North America? Not only that, but 13 million blank VHS and cassette tapes sold in America, too, proving that not everyone relies on Netflix and Pandora for their entertainment needs(source). Although most of the world has turned to digital media for capturing images and sounds, data from the Consumer Electronics Association and research firm NPD prove that the film manufacturing industry is alive and kicking.

In order for manufacturing plants to produce quality film products, the atmosphere of the facility must be optimized for the unique needs of film production. In most scenarios, nitrogen gas is used for this optimization. Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere of the production facility, creating a clean, dry, inert environment. The major concern when it comes to film manufacturing is the elimination of moisture during the printing process. Moisture can cause film to oxidize or separate, ruining the film product and causing the facility to lose money.

How Does Nitrogen Work to Prevent Oxidation?

As Nitrogen is released into the atmosphere, it effectively displaces moisture and oxygen. And since the dew point of nitrogen is extremely low (between -40 and -100 degrees F), there's virtually no chance of the nitrogen liquefying.  Because nitrogen is also an inert gas, it is considered one of the safest gases you can use in industrial applications.

To receieve the full benefit of using nitrogen in your film manufacturing facility, consider investing in a Nitrogen Generation System. Unlike having to rely on expensive, high-pressure cylinders, a Nitrogen Generator actually pulls Nitrogen from the air we breathe. These generators provide high-purity Nitrogen on-demand, 24/7. No more handling dangerous cylinders and no more risk of running out during peak operational hours.

South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators. We have a full range of systems, with model series for just about any type of industrial or manufacturing application. For more information on how a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems can improve the safety and efficiency of your facility, please call (888) 526-6284.


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