Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing

Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing is necessary and proven method to help protect and avoid corrosion of your boiler circuit with the South-Tek Systems N2-GEN LPS Series Nitrogen Generator Series.

No more need to use tube trailers, costly demurrage charge, cylinder maintenance and storage.   Make the Nitrogen for your application ANY TIME you need it and REDUCE COSTS.  Real ROI that can be proven and deliver real savings to your annual maintenance budgets!

Problems related with improper layup include general corrosion, which adds to elevated iron levels in boiler water, and pitting corrosion conducive to the cracking of pressure parts and waterside leaks. Inadequate layup also can force operators to extend startups to satisfy chemistry specifications.

The Solution - South-Tek Systems – N2-GEN LPS Series Nitrogen Generator using state-of-the-art PSA technology . By converting compressed air readily available from plant supply our N2 Series delivers concentrated nitrogen output stream.   With integrated PLC-based control system, we assure the plant of nitrogen having a purity 99.6% up to 99.999%.

The N2 Series generator provides a nitrogen blanket capable of preventing oxygen ingress and for improving the overall cycle chemistry.  EPRI recommends a minimum of 99.6% nitrogen purity for wet layup and can easily accomplished with our system.

During periods of fuel-pipe inerting, the generator can easily be set to purge any pipe in the plant, eliminating the need for bulk nitrogen storage or cylinders.  A quick connection to the nitrogen-generator outlet with a standard hose is used to reach any fuel-pipe tap necessary to inert the entire system prior to maintenance.

The Result:   The nitrogen generator has improved overall cycle chemistry by reducing iron deposition in the boiler and HRSG units caused by surface corrosion.

In addition, achieve key startup chemistry much faster following a boiler layup with a nitrogen cap than without. Other benefits achieved include the following:

  • Improved overall cycle chemistry by reducing iron deposits caused by surface corrosion
  • An EPRI key initiative - Achieve optimum and key startup chemistry much faster following a nitrogen boiler layup.
  • Reduced nitrogen bulk, storage, rental costs by utilizing onsite production.
  • The potential for employee injuries associated with handling and maintenance of high pressure cylinders and additional storage space.
South-Tek Systems specializes in the design and production of Nitrogen Gas Generators.  Our products are manufactured in the USA We are pleased to assist you in design, technical specifications, and your system application.  Our reputation is well known for excellent customer service, field engineering, 24/7 support and the highest quality designs to meet your specification requirements.   Let our customer references provide you the assurance that South-Tek Systems is the leader – We are Nitrogen! 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nitrogen Sparging - Overview & Applications

South-Tek System's nitrogen generators can be used to produce nitrogen for the removal of contaminants through a process known as sparging. Also referred to as gas flushing, the process involves bubbling a gas through a liquid which helps helps remove contaminants thus protecting the integrity of products while reducing safety hazards. During the process, contaminants move toward the surface, with the gas, and are removed.

The food industry often uses nitrogen sparging to help remove atmospheric gases. Once removed, the inert atmosphere helps preserve food quality and increase product shelf life.

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Companies also utilize nitrogen sparging to meet pollution guidelines by removing volatile organic compounds.

If your company would like to learn more about nitrogen sparging and how South-Tek may be of service, please contact us at 888-526-6284.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Dave and Busters Uses BeerBlast Nitrogen Generators to Reduce Waste Issues and Improve Profits

Dave and Busters, one America's most highly recognized restaurant brands with over 60 locations in 29 states, has utilized South-Tek's BeerBlast nitrogen generator systems to help eliminate draft beer over foaming waste issues. South-Tek received a letter from Sean Lovaas, the Manager of their Jacksonville, Florida location who noted that their "draft beer costs have been reduced and profits have dramatically improved." He continued, "the BeerBlast has been absolutely trouble free".

The company also found South-Tek's BlastOff - Leak Detection System very helpful. By utilizing this technology, Dave and Busters is able to quickly locate gas leaks in their draft beer systems and remedy situations without large lapses in time and having to make costly service calls.


SouthTek manufactures multiple models of BeerBlast Nitrogen Generators to meet the needs of various size bars and restaurants. Here's an overview of the company's various offerings:

BeerBlast S-200P

Dispenses up to 200 kegs/month or 10 pints/min (5 hr. surge)
N2 PurityBeverage Grade
Maximum pints per min10
5 Hour Surge (kegs)20
Kegs per monthup to 200
N2 storage tank (req'd)30 gallon

BeerBlast S-400P

Dispenses up to 400 kegs/month or 20 pints/min (5 hr. surge)
N2 PurityBeverage Grade
Maximum pints per min20
5 Hour Surge (kegs)40
Kegs per monthup to 400
N2 storage tank (req'd)30 gallon

BeerBlast MB-600P 

Dispenses up to 600 kegs/month or 30 pints/min (5 hr. surge)

N2 PurityBeverage Grade
Maximum pints per min30
5 Hour Surge (kegs)60
Kegs per monthup to 600
N2 storage tank (req'd)30 gallon

BeerBlast MB-800P

Dispenses up to 800 kegs/month or 40 pints/min (5 hr. surge)

N2 PurityBeverage Grade
Maximum pints per min40
5 Hour Surge (kegs)80
Kegs per monthup to 800
N2 storage tank (req'd)30 gallon

If you are a bar or restaurant owner who is interested in learning more about South-Tel's nitrogen generation systems, please call (888) 526-6284

Friday, August 8, 2014

Nitrogen Generators for MAP

Modified Air Packaging, or "MAP," is a process in which food is packaged in such as way as to preserve taste, texture and freshness. MAP is primarily used in the food packaging industry; however, Modified Air Packaging can also be used in other areas such as the pharmaceutical industry.

How does MAP work?

This common practice involves modifyinig the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package to create an enviroment best suited for that product's preservation. The process often begins with lowering the amount of oxygen and rebalancing the atmosphere with another gas. Oxygen can be a threat to perishable food, as its presence can allow the growth of aerobic ogranisms and bacteria, speed up oxidation reactions, and just generally threaten the overall freshness and quality of the product. However, there are some products that would actually spoil more quickly if oxygen was removed completely. For instance, in the case of fruit and vegetables, the absence of O2 can result in anaerobic respiration, with speeds up senescence (aging) and spoilage. In most cases, oxygen is used at low levels (between 3-5%) for best results.

In addition to lowering the amount of oxygen, MAP also involves replacing the oxygen with another type of gas that will be more conducive to preservation. Nitrogen gas is a popular choice for MAP, as it is considered safe and economical.

A few products that use or have used Nitrogen gas for MAP include...

  • Nuts
  • Potato chips
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Pasta 
  • Cheese
  • Red meat
  • Seafood

Using Nitrogen Generator for MAP 

Using a Nitrogen Generator for the MAP process is the most efficient way to utilize N2 gas. Nitrogen Generators produce high purity N2 gas on demand by separaing the N2 molecules from the surrounding air we breathe. This allows the manufacturer to have a generator on site that can produce a steady supply of Nitrogen to be used whenever the need arises. This also eliminates the need for storing or handling high pressure N2 gas cylinders or relying on costly contracts from gas companies.

If you'd like to know more about Nitrogen Generators and the many other industrial applications they can enhance, contact South-Tek Systems today. South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators.

What makes South-Tek stand out? 

Using their unique Flow Verification Program, clients of South-Tek Systems can be matched up with the most appropriate sized Nitrogen Generator for their needs, whether it's for MAP, laboratory atmosphere control, fire safety, or any other application where Nitrogen can be used, South-Tek likely has a machine that will suit your company's specific requirements.

Call 888-526-6284 today to speak with a South-Tek representative, ask questions, and get a quote on your next N2 Generator.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rehabilitation of Fire Sprinkler Systems Affected by Corrosion

When corrosion becomes a problem in a fire protection system, it can be a challenge to determine the extent and severity of the damage. Because internal corrosion typically causes irreversible damage, fractional pipe replacement is almost always needed. In other words, a replacement of the affected pipe sections is usually required. Alternatively, a complete replacement of the entire pipe system may be required, or at least recommended. Depending on the extent of the corrosion and the scope of its affects throughout the system, a full replacement may make more sense.

What is corrosion and how does it occur?

Corrosion is a reaction that occurs when moisture and oxygen are present within the metal pipes. This is why using a supervisory gas such as Nitrogen can be highly beneficial in maintaining a fire protection system (FPS). Nitrogen is a safe, inert gas that has a very low dew point, meaning it is much less likely to liquify or freeze, which can cause damage to the system.

How does corrosion damage FPS piping?

Corrosion weakens the metal piping in an FPS in two key ways: both the accumulation of corrosion deposits, as well as the degradation of the pipe wall compromises the integrity of the system. Both issues have been proven to negatively impact the hydraulic characteristics of the sprinkler pipes as well as dramatically lower the effectiveness and safety of the system's performance overall.

Where is corrosion most likely to occur?

In most cases, the location of corrosion damage in both dry and preaction systems can be found in areas where trapped water has accumulated at improperly sloped sections. According to research and field experience conducted by CorrConsult, a corrosion and failure analysis company, corrosion damage is "...invariably confined to the larger diameter mains and cross-mains. These are oftentimes long pipe runs that were difficult to pitch properly at the time of installation."

In wet sprinkler systems however, CorrConsult reports that corrosion is typically located at high points along the sprinkler piping where pockets of air have become trapped. Trapped air eventually rises and accumulates at the highest points, creating an environment where air and water are in almost constant contact. As already mentioned, the presence of air, water and metal within the same space is a recipe for the corrosive reaction to take place.

Avoiding corrosion with Nitrogen gas

Corrosion can lead to costly repairs, replacements and the threat of an improperly functioning system. To avoid corrosion, many facilities rely on Nitrogen for their supervisory gas. Nitrogen is a clean, inert gas that is much less likely to create an atmosphere where corrosion can take place. Due to its dry characteristics, it won't condense into moisture, nor will it freeze. Unlike using compressed air, which has a higher dew point, Nitrogen is far less likely to liquefy, seep into tiny pinholes or cracks, freeze again, and further exasperate a problem that started out as a minor issue.

Using a Nitrogen Generator in FPS

Nitrogen generation technology has made it much easier and cost-efficient for facilities to maintain their fire protection systems. South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and engineer of Nitrogen Generators, offering a line of products specifically suited for fire protection systems. The N2-Blast - Corrosion Inhibiting System is designed for dry and preaction fire protection systems, producing 98%+ pure Nitrogen and introducing it to the FPS. By doing so, oxygen and moisture are effectively displaced from the piping, inhibiting electrochemical, galvanic and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), as well as freeze-ups and ice plugs.

If you are interested in learning more about South-Tek's' products, please visit SouthTekSystems.com or call (888) 526-6284.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nitrogen Use in Transmission Lines

Transmission lines can be vulnerable to corrosion if they are exposed to oxygen and moisture - the two main components that cause a corrosive reaction. Not only can corrosion become a problem in transmission lines, but dangerous voltage arcs and copper oxidation can also become issues if protective measures are not taken. That's why South-Tek Systems offers the N2-GEN TL Series - Arc Suppression System.

This system allows users to positively pressurize the transmission line with supervisory Nitrogen gas that is generated on the spot. All Nitrogen Generation Systems from South-Tek use a revolutionary technology that actually draws N2 molecules from the surrounding air, which means you can have access to high-purity Nitrogen on demand, without having to rely on expensive gas contracts or handle cumbersome high-pressure cylinders.

How the N2-GEN TL Series - Arc Suppression System works:

In addition to creating its own supply of Nitrogen gas to be used on demand, the Arc Suppression System ensures the dew point within the transmission line is lower than the temperature of the line itself. This safely and effectively displaces the oxygen and moisture that may be present in the line. This greatly reduces the chance of a voltage arc while also inhibiting corrosion and high temperature oxidation of copper.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Arc Suppression System:

Q: What Nitrogen purity level does the system produce? 

A: The N2-GEN TL Series - Arc Suppression System produces 98%+ pure Nitrogen gas.

Q: What is the dew point produced?

A: South-Tek Systems’ N2-GEN Nitrogen Generators provide a true -40 to -70 Degree F dew point ensuring the dew point within the transmission line is lower than the temperature of the line itself.

Q: What other features does the Arc Suppression System have?

A: Two popular features of the N2-GEN TL Series - Arc Suppression System are the AutoPurge System and the BlastOff - Leak Detection System.

The AutoPurge controls positive pressure within the transmission line and maximizes the life of the overall system. The N2-GEN controls the purge within the Nitrogen Generation System, cycling positive pressure between 2 - 5 PSI. The AutoPurge System effectively desiccates the line and frees you from having to constantly monitor the pressure within.

The BlastOff - Leak Detection System detects significant leaks before they compromise broadcast operations and the Nitrogen Generation System itself. There is an internal audible alarm and dry contact for wiring into the Building Monitoring System (BMS). The alarm will also sound if the air compressor or N2-GEN is not working properly.

For more information on this system, you can view the entire N2-GEN Arc Suppression System brochure here:  http://www.southteksystems.com/pdf/N2-GEN-TL-Series-Brochure.pdf

Have questions? Give us a call at (888) 526-6284.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Nitrogen Gas Use in Fire Safety Training

For fire rescue organizations and their employees, smoke simulation is a key part of the overall training experience. In many cases, Nitrogen gas can be used to produce dense vapor that simulates smoke in a safe manner. This helps create a realistic training environment while protecting the trainees from the harm of real smoke produced from fire. Also, because Nitrogen is considered one of the safest gases due to its non-combustible qualities, it allows fire rescue groups to organize these training sessions without the risk of a real fire breaking out. 

South-Tek Systems is pleased to offer a special Nitrogen Generator designed specifically for this purpose. The SmokeBlast Nitorgen Generating System is for use in fire department training exercises and creates a supply of Nitrogen on demand.

How does it work?

Because Nitrogen is a dominant gas in the air we breathe, the SmokeBlast can "pull" Nitrogen from the surrounding air and separate the molecules. The Nitrogen is then stored within the system until needed. The SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System creates Nitrogen at low pressure and a flow rate that is the same as high pressure Nitrogen cylinders for optimal smoke simulation. However, unlike the high pressure cylinders, the SmokeBlast creates Nitrogen with better safety, convenience, and reliability. And because it creates its own supply of Nitrogen gas, the user does not have to rely on expensive contracts with third party gas suppliers. To learn more about the SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System as well as other commercial and industrial uses for Nitrogen gas, talk to one of our experts at South-Tek Systems.

Simply call (888) 526-6284 or reach out through our online contact form.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lab Applications that Benefit from Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators allow facilities that utilize Nitrogen to efficiently create their own supply of N2 gas on demand. This provides a level of cost effective, efficient N2 production that most clients find far superior to bulk liquid.

While Nitrogen Generation can enhance operations in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, one industrial sector that highly benefits from N2 Generation is scientific laboratories.

Nitrogen Generators in the Lab

Labs often handle very sensitive and expensive material, so maintaining a clean, safe and non-contaminated environment is critical. Because laboratories require very specific atmospheric conditions, a Nitrogen Generator can allow the use of N2 gas in a safe, carefully controlled method.

See:  Laboratory Uses for Nitrogen Gas

In a process known as atmosphere blanketing, oxygen is removed from the laboratory environment in order to create a non-combustible atmosphere. The use of Nitrogen in atmosphere blanketing is a safe and effective way to remove oxygen and its associated hazards. The challenge, however, is creating a steady supply of Nitrogen gas to maintain the proper flow rate and purity levels. The solution to this problem is installing a Nitrogen Generator at the point of process.

More and more laboratories are turning to the simple, safe, and effective Nitrogen Generation Technology from South-Tek Systems. With a wide range of N2 Generator Systems in a variety of models, South-Tek can likely provide a system that will create the optimal atmosphere for your lab or clean room.

Increase Efficiency and Safety, Reduce Costs

Not only do our Nitrogen Generators provide a level of efficiency and safety, they can greatly reduce Nitrogen gas costs that are typically associated with relying on bulk liquid or expensive gas contracts. Switching from a gas supplier to a Nitrogen Generator allows laboratories to create a steady supply of Nitrogen as needed, saving time and money - which ultimately leads to a healthier bottom line for the company.

Contact South-Tek Systems

To learn more about South-Tek Systems and our line of Nitrogen Generators, call toll free at 888-526-6284 or visit our website for specific details on our products and services.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Overview of the N2 Series Nitrogen Generators

The N2 Series from South-Tek Systems includes five different Nitrogen Generation products that can help your facility create its own on-demand supply of high-purity Nitrogen gas. In this post we'll go over the products and give you the basic highlights of each.

Learn more: N2-GEN Series

N2-GEN B Series (Booster Series)

The N2-GEN Booster Series offers compact, high-pressure Nitrogen generation in three separate models. This series is designed for a multitude of applications and offers versatility in flow rates and Nitrogen purity to suit your specific needs.

The three models include the N2-GEN-B3, N2-GEN-B4, and the N2-GEN-B6. All three models have the capability of generating high purity (98.5%) Nitrogen gas. They provide a max N2 pressure out of 2,400 PSIG and are offered in a uniform cabinet size of 26" x 32" x 33". Where the models vary is in N2 flow rate out and cabinet weight.

Learn more: N2-GEN B Series

N2-GEN C Series (Cabinet Series)

The N2-GEN C Series, like the other N2-GEN series from South-Tek Systems, uses a Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) designed system that is suited specifically for high purity N2 applications. This series includes eight different models, ranging from the low output, low weight STS N2-GEN 10C all the way up to the STS N2-GEN 150C. N2 outputs range from 100 SCFH to 1500 SCFH. Depending on your facility's N2 generation needs, space availability, and budget, you are likely to find a model that meets your requirements in the N2-GEN C Series.

Learn more: N2-GEN C Series

N2-GEN S Series (Skid Mounted Series)

The N2-GEN Skid Mounted Series, or S series, is also available in eight different models that vary in N2 output, size and weight. Whether you can get by with the 100S model with 1,000 SCFH output or you need the bigger, more powerful 3000S model with 30,000 SCFH output, or one of the many options in between, South-Tek can help you find the model that works best for you.

Learn more: N2-GEN S Series

N2-GEN T Series (Tank Mounted Series)

As the name implies, the Tank Mounted Series uses a PSA system for high purity N2 generation that can be mounted to the N2 tank itself. This series includes six models ranging in N2 output, size and weight. All models have the capability to produce 99.5% purity Nitrogen.

Learn more: N2-GEN T Series

N2-GEN TL Series Arc Suppression System

The TL (Transmission Line) Series features an Arc Suppression System that inhibits corrosion and prevents voltage arcing in Transmission Lines. Moisture can accumulate in non-pressurized Transmission Lines compromising the integrity of your on-site equipment and end-product. The N2-GEN - Arc Suppression System produces 98%+ pure Nitrogen on demand to positively pressurize the Transmission Line.

Learn more: N2-GEN TL Series

This series also includes the AutoPurge System and BlastOff Leak Detection System.

The AutoPurge System controls positive pressure within the Transmission Line and maximizes the life of the overall N2 Generation System.

The BlastOff Leak Detection System proactively detects significant leaks before they compromise the system. It has an internal audible alarm and dry contact for wiring into the Building Monitoring System (BMS). It will also alarm if the air compressor or N2-GEN is not working properly. Note that EVERY N2-GEN Nitrogen Generator comes equipped with a BlastOff Leak Detection System, so even if the TL series does not offer a product that meets your needs, you can rest assured that your system will be protected from significant leaks no matter what series/model you choose.

How do I choose the right series/model?

South-Tek Systems offers a MAP-IT System as well as a Performance Verification System for choosing the optimal model for any application and then monitoring its performance after installation.

To learn more, contact South-Tek Systems today for a consultation. Our Nitrogen experts will be glad to discuss your facility's N2 needs and help point you in the right direction. Call us at 888-526-6284.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Testimonials for South-Tek Systems

At South-Tek Systems, we pride ourselves on not only creating safe, efficient and reliable N2 generation technology, but also on delivering superior customer service and personalized attention to each of our valued customers. And while we fully believe our products can speak for themselves, we are always tremendously appreciative of customer feedback.

Below are a few testimonials from satisfied customers as well as additional information on the benefits of using our systems. If you're in the market for a safe and effective Nitrogen Generator, read what these folks had to say and then give us a call to learn more at 888-526-6284.  

Delta Group Electronics

“The performance of the generator has exceeded our expectations. Your technical team was of great help a year ago when we first installed the generator. We have been up and running nearly 6 days a week, 10+ hours a day, with no problems. We have also touted your product to several customers. In the event we need another generator or one of our other facilities requires one, we’ll be sure to contact you.”
-Bill Blinn, Maintenance Manager

Testimonials like this one from Bill are a great example of why we put so much effort into building customer relationships. We know the power of the word of mouth, especially in industrial and manufacturing industries. The fact that Bill and his colleagues have helped spread the word about our company and the Nitrogen Generators we produce, helps us know we're succeeding in our efforts to maintain a high standard of quality products and top-notch customer service. We understand that with every customer, there is an opportunity to exceed expectations as well as gain more business in the future. So thank you Bill!  

GE Power and Water

“We received both of the 100C Nitrogen generating units yesterday afternoon, and we managed to open one of the units from the wooden crate this morning. It looks very impressive and the job is well done!!! We would like to thank you very much for your kind support throughout the design and manufacturing phases of these units.”
-Timor Samad, Plant Enginee
As a plant engineer with GE Power and Water, Timor is likely someone who is very busy, and who has a lot of responsibilities. That's why we feel this testimonial is especially valuable. The fact that Timor took the time to send us these comments before even installing the nitrogen gas generating units shows us how excited and pleased he was with the finished product. And just like Timor said, we offer support throughout the entire design, manufacturing and sales process for our product (See another example here: Third PSA Nitrogen Generator Installation at Fortune 500 Company.)

We don't believe in just selling our clients a machine and calling it a day. We take the necessary time to help them identify their N2 generation needs, work with their budget, and measure the performance of the equipment once it's installed. Thank you Timor for your positive feedback!  

The Benefits of a Nitrogen Generator

With a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, your facility can generate its own supply of N2 gas on demand. This can help reduce Nitrogen costs by up to 90 percent when switching from expensive gas/liquid N2 contracts to installing one of our on-site generators. Furthermore, the initial expense of purchasing and installing our products usually pays for itself in very little time. Our studies show an exceptionally quick payback with ROI averaging between 12-14 months when compared to bulk liquid.  

Other benefits of installing a N2 Generator from South-Tek Systems include...

  • No more missed deliveries
  • Fully automatic (production begins when demand downstream is sensed)
  • Systems' life expectancy of more than 20 years
  • Purity Certification included with every system (unique to South-Tek Systems)
For more information, please give us a call at 888-526-6284 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, May 16, 2014

ROI with Nitrogen Generation

As a business owner, facility supervisor, or plant manager, you understand the value of maintaining a safe and efficient workplace. You also understand the value of keeping a healthy bottom line. That's why, whenever your company is researching a new product or technology, the return on investment (ROI) is one of the first things you consider. When it comes to Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems, you may be surprised at how quickly your company will gain its return on the initial investment.

Is It Worth It?

If you're still relying on expensive N2 gas contracts from third party companies, or if you're ordering bulk liquid Nitrogen, you know how costly, inefficient, and often unreliable these methods can be. But is switching to an  Nitrogen Generator installed at your facility really worth the initial expense?


But we don't expect you to simply take our word for it.
  • Research has shown that the average ROI when switching from bulk liquid Nitrogen to producing your own N2 gas on-site is 12-14 months.
  • This means that, in as little as one year, you could be seeing a payback on your investment. And the savings doesn't end after the initial expense has been "paid off." The continued use of a Nitrogen Generator means continued savings on operational costs, delivery costs, and more.
  • Just think about all the costs (both in terms of finances and time) associated with handling bulk liquid Nitrogen or gas company contracts. In addition to dealing with the delivery, handling and storage, there are also administrative, safety and efficiency tasks. With a Nitrogen Generator, much of the time and money devoted to these issues is eliminated (See: Valuable ROI with a Nitrogen Generator).


Efficiency is a major concern for most businesses - and it is one of our biggest selling points for our Nitrogen Generator equipment. After installing a Nitrogen Generator, your facility will have access to high-purity Nitrogen gas as needed, at the flow level required. No excess, no shortage.

You can also take advantage of the South-Tek Systems MAP-IT Flow and Purity Verification System, which identifies the exact flow rate and purity level required for your application. Having this level of control allows for a much more efficient method of utilizing N2 gas.

How Does it Work?

The Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems rely on the surrounding air to produce Nitrogen. Because Nitrogen is already present in much of the air we breathe, the supply is literally endless.

However, our systems don't need to run non-stop; production will only begin when a demand downstream is sensed - meaning your system will only create the Nitrogen you need, when you need it. This efficient, high-tech sensory capability means the machine will need little to no oversight to function properly. This allows engineers, site managers and other workers to focus on more important tasks.

Contact South-Tek Systems 

Contact the experts at South-Tek Systems today to learn more about your ROI with one of our Nitrogen Generators.  We have a variety of models to accommodate the needs of any size facility within a wide variety of industries. Call us today at 888-526-6284 or contact us online.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nitrogen Gas Uses in Power Generation

Did you know that Nitrogen gas makes up about 75 percent of the air we breathe? Because Nitrogen is so present in our atmosphere, it's no surprise that more and more industries are relying on it for use with applications at their facilities. And, as such a common resource, it's also not surprising that more facilities are choosing to use installed Nitrogen Generators for their N2 gas needs.

Power plants especially benefit from using Nitrogen Generators, as they consistently rely on Nitrogen gas for a multitude of applications (See: Nitrogen for Power Plants).

Safety First!

From inerting boiler tubes and condensers to preventing corrosion within fire protection systems to evacuating natural gas and more, Nitrogen is commonly and safely used in power plants throughout the world. Because Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas - meaning it is highly unlikely for it to create moisture or combustion - power plants that utilize it for their operations can rest assured that they are harnessing a resource that has been proven safe and reliable. This not only protects the workers within the plant, but it also maintains a level of safety and integrity for the industrial components and for the facility and itself.

Nitrogen Applications

As a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, South-Tek Systems is pleased to offer a variety of N2 Generation Systems that are ideally suited to power plant facilities. Whether your facility could use a Nitrogen Generator for gas turbine Nitrogen purging, or you would like to protect your plant's wetted parts from corrosion during outages, a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems can greatly benefit your facility.

Best of all, by installing a Nitrogen Generator, your plant eliminates the need for expensive contracts with third party gas companies. This can offer the company a healthier bottom line and a much more satisfying return on investment. In addition, you can rest assured that South-Tek Systems will install the ideal model for your application by implementing their Flow Verification Program. We will also monitor the system's performance through our unique Performance Verification System.

For more details on South-Tek Systems and how a Nitrogen Generator can improve your power plant's operations, please call toll free at (888) 526-6284 or contact us through our website. Our Nitrogen Generation experts are here to answer your questions!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nut packaging with a Nitrogen Generator

You might think using Nitrogen to preserve food is a little...nutty. But many food manufacturers rely on this clean, inert gas to package, preserve, and store perishable food items. Over the years, more and more food industries have begun relying on Nitrogen Generation Systems for their N2 gas needs.

Why Use Nitrogen Gas for Nut Packaging?

Nuts in particular are very often packaged with Nitrogen to prevent unwanted issues like oxidation and package collapse. Oxidation occurs when oxygen reacts with other elements to alter the product (which could result in spoiling, or a less-than-desirable taste, at the very least). And packaging collapse, well...it's exactly what it sounds like.

And in case you didn't already know, proper packaging is not only essential to protecting the product from damage, it also plays a key role in marketing and selling the product. How a product is packaged can affect how attracted the consumer is to the item. This doesn't just apply to color schemes and labeling - it can apply to the package's overall shape, and whether or not the container looks "full."

Other Benefits of Nitrogen for Food Packaging

In addition to using Nitrogen for food packaging, it can also be used to help remove oxygen, which allows for a longer shelf life. Specific packaging applications also include bulk packaging, consumer packaging, vacuum packs, fumigation purge and many more. When you buy nuts from the grocery store (stored, not fresh), it's very likely that Nitrogen was used at some point in the packaging process. If Nitrogen had not been used, you would quickly know it, because the nuts would probably be spoiled, tasteless, or have an odd texture and/or tint.

How to Apply N2 Gas During the Packaging Process

So how do these facilities access the Nitrogen gas they need to properly package and preserve their products? While some facilities choose to buy Nitrogen from gas companies, others are going the more efficient route by installing a Nitrogen Generator at the facility at the point of process.

Unlike being tied down to expensive contracts with gas companies, which usually deliver N2 gas in high-pressure cylinders, installing an on-site Nitrogen Generator allows you to actually pull Nitrogen, on demand, from the air we breathe. This means no accidental run-out during peak manufacturing times, no more need to store cumbersome cylinders, and no more expensive long term commitments to gas companies. Best of all, facilities that switch to a Nitrogen Generator can have a ROI of up to 90% over bulk liquid Nitrogen. And hey, who doesn't like a healthy bottom line?

South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators, many of which can be safely and effeciently installed in food manufacturing and food packaging facilities. To learn more, call toll-free (888) 526-6284.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Small and Portable Nitrogen Generators

When the U.S. military is using equipment out in the field, safety and efficiency are top priorities. That's why South-Tek Systems is pleased to offer a line of small and portable Nitrogen Generators specifically designed for use in field labs, Humvee mounted optical labs, and mobile maintenance trailers.

Ideal for field operations and temporary labs and stations, the N2 GEN small and portable nitrogen generator models have completed the military EMIP review, proving its effectiveness in all of the following areas:
  • safety
  • survivability
  • reliability/maintainability/sustainability (RMS)
  • distribution/mission enhancements (DME)
  • mobility
The military EMIP review is a rigorous and competitive process. Only a dozen technologies a year are selected for review, which is why South-Tek Systems is tremendously proud of the N2 GEN.

The N2 GEN Series Nitrogen Generator allows U.S. military fighters the capability of producing safe, inert Nitrogen gas on demand. An element critical to maintenance in the field or at the maintenance facility, Nitrogen gas can be used in a variety of field applications. This versatility, coupled with the low-hazard characteristics make Nitrogen gas an effective and reliable resource. Furthermore, the N2 GEN eliminates the safety and logistical risks involved with transporting high pressure gas cylinders.

The ability to produce Nitrogen from the surrounding air is what makes the N2 GEN system an invaluable technology for work in war or occupation scenarios. It also provides an added level of safety for military fleets, reducing non-combat casualties caused by transporting high-pressure cylinders of compressed Nitrogen to maintenance sites.

The N2 GEN also addresses the issue of reliability/maintainability/sustainability by reducing paperwork for operators and eliminating the need to transport gas cylinders or arms to and from maintenance depots and sites. This allows the entire operation to work effectively, efficiently and with as much safety as possible. And, due to the small, portable design, the N2 GEN allows for on demand Nitrogen without taking up valuable space or becoming a cumbersome piece of equipment.

For more information on the N2 GEN Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, check out the product page online or contact one of our Nitrogen Generation experts by calling toll free at (888) 526-6284.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nitrogen Generator Cost Savings Analysis

Nitrogen gas is a safe, clean and efficient resource for a variety of industrial applications. From industrial food packaging to fire protection systems to atmospheric control in labs and beyond, Nitrogen helps make facilities run smoother and keep products lasting longer.

But relying on long term Nitrogen supply contracts from gas companies can be expensive. Instead of spending money on costly Nitrogen contracts, your company could reduce N2 costs by up to 90% by switching to an on-site Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems.

How Can a Nitrogen Generator Help Save So Much Money?

South-Tek Systems' technologically advanced Nitrogen Generators produce high-purity N2 gas from the surrounding air. That means there's no chance of accidental run-out, no need to store and handle high-pressure gas cylinders, and no reason to keep spending money on expensive gas contracts. With a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, your facility can effectively produce and manage its N2 supply with ease. And because using a Nitrogen Generator produces a fast payback with ROI average of only 12-14 months, the unit will quickly pay for itself.

See details about ROI with Nitrogen Generation.

With a Nitrogen Generator, your facility can produce and access more Nitrogen for less money. The life expectancy of a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is more than 20 years, which means your system will not only pay for itself in no time, it will likely continue to improve your company's bottom line for years to come.

With an endless supply of Nitrogen coming from the air we breathe, why not generate your own, on demand, with a Nitrogen Generator?

South-Tek Systems offers a line of Nitrogen Generators to suit the needs and budgets of various commercial and industrial applications. Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more. Simply call toll-free, (888) 526-6284. 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nitrogen Gas Sparging

As one of the most dominant elements in our universe, Nitrogen is a very versatile gas. Even with it's grand and cosmic reach, Nitrogen can also be used for a great many practical applications right here on Earth. One such application is sparging.

The process of sparging with Nitrogen gas is a common practice in winemaking (See: Nitrogen Uses in the Wine Industry). Sparging refers to the process of applying Nitrogen in the form of very fine bubbles in order to remove dissolved oxygen from the wine. This helps improve the wine's taste and shelf life.

The process of sparging also helps remove volatile contaminants, and improves efficiency of the wine-making process. Because red and white wines differ in chemistry, the process of sparging with Nitrogen may vary depending on the type of wine being processed.

Sparging for White Wines

With white wines for example, Nitrogen can be used for sparging in order to remove the dissolved oxygen; however, this process may also strip CO2 below the optimal level, which can affect the wine's freshness and taste. To avoid this scenario, either CO2 alone or a mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen is typically recommended for the sparging process.

Sparging for Red Wines

With red wines on the other hand, Nitrogen is the optimal choice for sparging. However, some red wines typically need to retain a small amount of dissolved CO2, so a mixture of 2 parts Nitrogen and 1 part CO2 can sometimes produce more desirable results.

Sparging for Wine Bottling

When wines are being bottled, Nitrogen gas can also be used to help prevent oxidation (See: Nitrogen Generators Aid in Bottling Wine). Wines are particularly more vulnerable to oxidation during the bottling process. The interaction between the wine and the air inside the bottle can cause oxidation, so the bottles should be flushed with a chemically inert gas like Nitrogen or CO2 prior to the filling process.

South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators which provide the ideal way to apply high purity N2 gas for sparging applications.  A Nitrogen Generator is installed at the facility and N2 gas is generated using a simple and straightforward technology that separates Nitrogen molecules directly from the air we breathe and stores for use as needed.  This system eliminates the need for gas company contracts, deliveries, and high pressure cylinder handling and storage.

Contact the experts at South-Tek Systems today to learn more about how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your sparging application.  Call us at 888-526-6284.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Soldering with Nitrogen Gas

The practice of soldering - joining two or more metal items by melting and adhering a filler metal - is used in a wide variety of applications. From plumbing to jewelry making to electronics manufacturing, soldering is a common practice.

The Problem

Unfortunately, the process of soldering can be hindered by the presence of oxygen. Oxygen and metals don't interact well together, especially if there's any threat of moisture in the environment that would spark the corrosion reaction, so soldering can be less effective when done in an oxygen-rich environment.

The Solution

The solution to this problem is applying Nitrogen - a safe, dry and non-combustible gas - to effectively displace oxygen, creating an environment that is much more conducive to soldering.

Nitrogen Generation specialists at South-Tek Systems have created an impressive line of Nitrogen Generators that can be used specifically for the purpose of soldering with Nitrogen gas. The N2-GEN Series Nitrogen Generators are designed for industrial applications such as soldering.  The technology used is simple and straightforward: the generator essentially pulls the Nitrogen molecules from the air we breathe and collects them for storage until ready for use.

Because the N2-GEN systems generate their own supply of high-purity Nitrogen on demand, there's no need for expensive contracts with third party gas companies, nor is there a need to handle and store those cumbersome, high-pressure cylinders.

Imagine being able to manage your most sensitive soldering projects without having to worry about running out of Nitrogen. With the Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek Systems, your on-site Nitrogen needs can be fulfilled conveniently and at a cost that can help your company maintain a healthy bottom line.

Contact South-Tek Systems

Call South-Tek Systems' toll free number for details and to learn more about how Nitrogen Generation technology can benefit your company: 888.526.6284.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Radio Telescope Manufacturing with Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas that helps reduce or eliminate the presence of oxygen and moisture within an atmosphere. This is highly beneficial in the manufacturing industry, especially when it comes to manufacturing sensitive or fragile technical equipment.

Radio telescope manufacturers, for instance, rely on the presence of high-purity Nitrogen gas to displace oxygen that causes moisture. Any sign of moisture in this type of atmosphere can cause harmful corrosive reactions to the sensitive transducers.

The Best Source of Nitrogen for Radio Telescope Manufacturing

The challenge presented to most manufacturers is how and where to get Nitrogen - and how to keep it cost effective. Some manufacturing facilities rely on Nitrogen cylinders that are brought in from third party gas companies. But more and more facilities are choosing the safer, more efficient, cost-saving option of installing a Nitrogen Generator directly on the premises.

South-Tek Systems is a worldwide leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generating Equipment.  Their N2-GEN Series Nitrogen Generators are designed specifically for industrial applications at manufacturing, power generation, and lab facilities.

With one of South-Tek's Nitrogen Generators, your facility can have access to high-purity Nitrogen at any time, day or night, and it will never run out. That's because Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek pull Nitrogen molecules from the surrounding air we breathe and store them until they're needed for your facility's application. These generators are highly self-sufficient, making it easy for facility managers to go about their daily operations without having to worry about the lab's Nitrogen supply. And, if there's ever a problem, customer support is never far away.

Read more about the benefits of an N2-GEN Nitrogen Generator for Radio Telescope Manufacturing.

Using state-of-the-art technology, South-Tek's Nitrogen Generators are safe, efficient, and they come in a variety of sizes and models to suit just about any facility's needs. Learn more at www.southteksystems.com or call our toll-free number at 888.526.6284.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nitrogen Helps Control Incubator Oxygen Levels

In IVF (in vetro fertilization), an incubator serves the purpose of protecting and culturing an embryo, hopefully to the point where it can be transplanted, resulting in pregnancy. Maintaining a reduced oxygen level within the embryonic incubator is essential to preserving the embryo inside. In order to reduce the level of oxygen in the incubator, a steady stream of Nitrogen gas is pumped into the incubator's atmosphere at a carefully monitored rate.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Benefit IVF Incubators?

Having a Nitrogen Generator on site is highly beneficial for facilities that handle embryonic incubators for IVF treatment. Because Nitrogen Generators are consistently producing high-purity Nitrogen from the surrounding air, there is little to no chance of the facility accidentally running out of Nitrogen gas. And because the need for a constant stream of Nitrogen is crucial during this stage of the IVF process, having an on-site Nitrogen Generator can give peace of mind to both the lab technicians, physicians and patients.

Why Nitrogen Gas?

In IVF, the doctors and laboratory technicians try to mimic the conditions of the fallopian tubes and uterus of a fertile female as best they can. Unlike the surrounding air we breathe every day, which consists of 20 percent oxygen, the conditions needed for successful embryonic culture requires only 5 percent oxygen. The introduction of pure Nitrogen into the incubators allows the oxygen to be kept at a controlled level without harming the sensitive embryo inside. The best way to maintain such specific O2 levels is to have a supply of constant, monitored Nitrogen to displace oxygen molecules and preserve the atmosphere.

Contact South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators and has done business with numerous lab and research facilities, including facilities that handle IVF incubators, including MidAtlantic Diagnostics.

Nitrogen is a safe, inert gas that has a wide variety of uses. In addition to treating the atmosphere of cell incubators, other applications for Nitrogen include atmospheric control in university and medical research labs, medical device packaging, food storage and even chemical processing.

To learn more about South-Tek Systems, their products, or to receive a free consultation on how on-site generated Nitrogen can benefit your facility, call us at 888-526-6284.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Nitrogen Supply for Universities and Research Labs

Nitrogen gas is one of the most common elements in the universe. It is estimated to be seventh in total abundance in our galaxy and solar system, and forms approximately 80 percent of the Earth's atmosphere. Because it is so common, and because of its favorable qualities, Nitrogen is used for a variety of tasks and is relied upon for a variety of applications. One such application is laboratory research.

When it comes to creating an atmosphere that is safe, dry, clean and conducive to scientific research, Nitrogen is by far the most effective choice. And because many leading universities serve as starting points for advanced research and laboratory testing, it's no wonder so many of them rely on high-purity Nitrogen gas for their experiments and technical operations. From controlling the atmosphere in order to protect highly sensitive equipment, to sample preparation for chemical analysis, Nitrogen plays a key role in the research lab setting.

Because universities and research labs often require large amounts of Nitrogen to maintain their operations and atmosphere, a Nitrogen Generator is typically used to reduce the risk of accidental run out. Nitrogen Generators are advanced systems that create their own steady supply of Nitrogen gas by separating the N2 molecules from the surrounding air and storing it in a tank for future use.

Nitrogen was first discovered to be a separable component of air in 1772 by Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford. Since then, people have been able to effectively separate Nitrogen molecules from the surrounding air we breathe and apply it to various operations. Although the process sounds highly technical and complicated, Nitrogen Generators can accomplish the task safely, efficiently, and with minimal supervision. Most Nitrogen Generators are fully automated, which means they will begin producing Nitrogen as soon as the sensors pick up a demand downstream. Once the sensors on the Nitrogen Generator activate, the generator will automatically begin the process, using either PSA or Membrane Technology. This can be a much safer, more reliable source for Nitrogen than liquid Nitrogen tanks, or high-pressure cylinders.

Using a Nitrogen Generator can also be a more cost-effective solution for laboratories and university research teams. South-Tek Systems, a leading manufacturer of Nitrogen Generation Systems, has conducted research to estimate the total savings that can be actualized by switching to an on-site Nitrogen Generator. The results indicate that by using a Nitrogen Generator, which produces high-purity Nitrogen gas on demand, a facility's overall Nitrogen costs can be reduced by up to 90 percent!

Other benefits of using a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems include...
  • Return on investment averages 12-14 months after installation, over bulk liquid Nitrogen.
  • 20 year life expectancy for the system.
  • No missed deliveries, rising gas costs, or expensive contracts to sign.
To learn more about Nitrogen generation technology and how it can benefit your research lab or university, contact the Nitrogen experts at South-Tek Systems. Call 888.526.6284 or contact us online for more information.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

N2 Gas Purge for Autoclaves, Ovens, and Aluminum Furnaces

Nitrogen gas has a wide range of uses within various industrial applications. One such application is the processing, curing and treating of resins. Resins are used in many different materials, some of which are even used in the aerospace industry, and need to be carefully cured in order to prevent bubbles, deformities and impurities. Nitrogen can be introduced in the treatment process to ensure that autoclaves, ovens and aluminum furnaces can process the product safely and efficiently.

Purging for Autoclaves

In a process known as purging, nitrogen is introduced to displace existing oxygen, moisture or contaminants. In autoclaves, which process industrial parts and equipment, nitrogen is used in place of compressed air to greatly reduce the risk of combustion. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it is an effective choice for maintaining safe operating procedures. Also, because nitrogen is readily available, it can be a cost-effective solution for facilities that rely on furnaces, ovens and autoclaves for large-scale production.


To further benefit from nitrogen's efficient and safe use, a Nitrogen Generator can be installed at the point of process to effectively generate a supply of N2 gas from the surrounding air. South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of such generators and our sole focus is dedicated to safe, reliable nitrogen generation technology. We are specialists in the N2 generation field, providing a wide range of Nitrogen Generators in various sizes to better serve a multitude of facilities.


The Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek System use the latest technology to separate nitrogen molecules from the air we breathe, which frees the user or facility manager from having to rely on expensive high-pressure gas cylinders, which can run out unexpectedly - not to mention require a costly contract with gas suppliers.

Instead of having to change out nitrogen gas cylinders, having a Nitrogen Generator at the point of process can help your facility run smoothly, with less risk of interrupts and down-time during peak production.

To learn more about South-Tek Systems and how our Nitrogen Generators can benefit your autoclave purging operations, please give us a call at 888-526-6284 or contact us online for more information.


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