Thursday, January 2, 2014

N2 Gas Purge for Autoclaves, Ovens, and Aluminum Furnaces

Nitrogen gas has a wide range of uses within various industrial applications. One such application is the processing, curing and treating of resins. Resins are used in many different materials, some of which are even used in the aerospace industry, and need to be carefully cured in order to prevent bubbles, deformities and impurities. Nitrogen can be introduced in the treatment process to ensure that autoclaves, ovens and aluminum furnaces can process the product safely and efficiently.

Purging for Autoclaves

In a process known as purging, nitrogen is introduced to displace existing oxygen, moisture or contaminants. In autoclaves, which process industrial parts and equipment, nitrogen is used in place of compressed air to greatly reduce the risk of combustion. Because nitrogen is an inert gas, it is an effective choice for maintaining safe operating procedures. Also, because nitrogen is readily available, it can be a cost-effective solution for facilities that rely on furnaces, ovens and autoclaves for large-scale production.


To further benefit from nitrogen's efficient and safe use, a Nitrogen Generator can be installed at the point of process to effectively generate a supply of N2 gas from the surrounding air. South-Tek Systems is a leading manufacturer of such generators and our sole focus is dedicated to safe, reliable nitrogen generation technology. We are specialists in the N2 generation field, providing a wide range of Nitrogen Generators in various sizes to better serve a multitude of facilities.


The Nitrogen Generators from South-Tek System use the latest technology to separate nitrogen molecules from the air we breathe, which frees the user or facility manager from having to rely on expensive high-pressure gas cylinders, which can run out unexpectedly - not to mention require a costly contract with gas suppliers.

Instead of having to change out nitrogen gas cylinders, having a Nitrogen Generator at the point of process can help your facility run smoothly, with less risk of interrupts and down-time during peak production.

To learn more about South-Tek Systems and how our Nitrogen Generators can benefit your autoclave purging operations, please give us a call at 888-526-6284 or contact us online for more information.


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