Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nitrogen Helps Control Incubator Oxygen Levels

In IVF (in vetro fertilization), an incubator serves the purpose of protecting and culturing an embryo, hopefully to the point where it can be transplanted, resulting in pregnancy. Maintaining a reduced oxygen level within the embryonic incubator is essential to preserving the embryo inside. In order to reduce the level of oxygen in the incubator, a steady stream of Nitrogen gas is pumped into the incubator's atmosphere at a carefully monitored rate.

How Does a Nitrogen Generator Benefit IVF Incubators?

Having a Nitrogen Generator on site is highly beneficial for facilities that handle embryonic incubators for IVF treatment. Because Nitrogen Generators are consistently producing high-purity Nitrogen from the surrounding air, there is little to no chance of the facility accidentally running out of Nitrogen gas. And because the need for a constant stream of Nitrogen is crucial during this stage of the IVF process, having an on-site Nitrogen Generator can give peace of mind to both the lab technicians, physicians and patients.

Why Nitrogen Gas?

In IVF, the doctors and laboratory technicians try to mimic the conditions of the fallopian tubes and uterus of a fertile female as best they can. Unlike the surrounding air we breathe every day, which consists of 20 percent oxygen, the conditions needed for successful embryonic culture requires only 5 percent oxygen. The introduction of pure Nitrogen into the incubators allows the oxygen to be kept at a controlled level without harming the sensitive embryo inside. The best way to maintain such specific O2 levels is to have a supply of constant, monitored Nitrogen to displace oxygen molecules and preserve the atmosphere.

Contact South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators and has done business with numerous lab and research facilities, including facilities that handle IVF incubators, including MidAtlantic Diagnostics.

Nitrogen is a safe, inert gas that has a wide variety of uses. In addition to treating the atmosphere of cell incubators, other applications for Nitrogen include atmospheric control in university and medical research labs, medical device packaging, food storage and even chemical processing.

To learn more about South-Tek Systems, their products, or to receive a free consultation on how on-site generated Nitrogen can benefit your facility, call us at 888-526-6284.


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