Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nitrogen Generator Cost Savings Analysis

Nitrogen gas is a safe, clean and efficient resource for a variety of industrial applications. From industrial food packaging to fire protection systems to atmospheric control in labs and beyond, Nitrogen helps make facilities run smoother and keep products lasting longer.

But relying on long term Nitrogen supply contracts from gas companies can be expensive. Instead of spending money on costly Nitrogen contracts, your company could reduce N2 costs by up to 90% by switching to an on-site Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems.

How Can a Nitrogen Generator Help Save So Much Money?

South-Tek Systems' technologically advanced Nitrogen Generators produce high-purity N2 gas from the surrounding air. That means there's no chance of accidental run-out, no need to store and handle high-pressure gas cylinders, and no reason to keep spending money on expensive gas contracts. With a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems, your facility can effectively produce and manage its N2 supply with ease. And because using a Nitrogen Generator produces a fast payback with ROI average of only 12-14 months, the unit will quickly pay for itself.

See details about ROI with Nitrogen Generation.

With a Nitrogen Generator, your facility can produce and access more Nitrogen for less money. The life expectancy of a Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems is more than 20 years, which means your system will not only pay for itself in no time, it will likely continue to improve your company's bottom line for years to come.

With an endless supply of Nitrogen coming from the air we breathe, why not generate your own, on demand, with a Nitrogen Generator?

South-Tek Systems offers a line of Nitrogen Generators to suit the needs and budgets of various commercial and industrial applications. Contact South-Tek Systems today to learn more. Simply call toll-free, (888) 526-6284. 

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nitrogen Gas Sparging

As one of the most dominant elements in our universe, Nitrogen is a very versatile gas. Even with it's grand and cosmic reach, Nitrogen can also be used for a great many practical applications right here on Earth. One such application is sparging.

The process of sparging with Nitrogen gas is a common practice in winemaking (See: Nitrogen Uses in the Wine Industry). Sparging refers to the process of applying Nitrogen in the form of very fine bubbles in order to remove dissolved oxygen from the wine. This helps improve the wine's taste and shelf life.

The process of sparging also helps remove volatile contaminants, and improves efficiency of the wine-making process. Because red and white wines differ in chemistry, the process of sparging with Nitrogen may vary depending on the type of wine being processed.

Sparging for White Wines

With white wines for example, Nitrogen can be used for sparging in order to remove the dissolved oxygen; however, this process may also strip CO2 below the optimal level, which can affect the wine's freshness and taste. To avoid this scenario, either CO2 alone or a mixture of CO2 and Nitrogen is typically recommended for the sparging process.

Sparging for Red Wines

With red wines on the other hand, Nitrogen is the optimal choice for sparging. However, some red wines typically need to retain a small amount of dissolved CO2, so a mixture of 2 parts Nitrogen and 1 part CO2 can sometimes produce more desirable results.

Sparging for Wine Bottling

When wines are being bottled, Nitrogen gas can also be used to help prevent oxidation (See: Nitrogen Generators Aid in Bottling Wine). Wines are particularly more vulnerable to oxidation during the bottling process. The interaction between the wine and the air inside the bottle can cause oxidation, so the bottles should be flushed with a chemically inert gas like Nitrogen or CO2 prior to the filling process.

South-Tek Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Nitrogen Generators which provide the ideal way to apply high purity N2 gas for sparging applications.  A Nitrogen Generator is installed at the facility and N2 gas is generated using a simple and straightforward technology that separates Nitrogen molecules directly from the air we breathe and stores for use as needed.  This system eliminates the need for gas company contracts, deliveries, and high pressure cylinder handling and storage.

Contact the experts at South-Tek Systems today to learn more about how a Nitrogen Generator can benefit your sparging application.  Call us at 888-526-6284.


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