Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lab Applications that Benefit from Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators allow facilities that utilize Nitrogen to efficiently create their own supply of N2 gas on demand. This provides a level of cost effective, efficient N2 production that most clients find far superior to bulk liquid.

While Nitrogen Generation can enhance operations in a variety of industrial and commercial applications, one industrial sector that highly benefits from N2 Generation is scientific laboratories.

Nitrogen Generators in the Lab

Labs often handle very sensitive and expensive material, so maintaining a clean, safe and non-contaminated environment is critical. Because laboratories require very specific atmospheric conditions, a Nitrogen Generator can allow the use of N2 gas in a safe, carefully controlled method.

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In a process known as atmosphere blanketing, oxygen is removed from the laboratory environment in order to create a non-combustible atmosphere. The use of Nitrogen in atmosphere blanketing is a safe and effective way to remove oxygen and its associated hazards. The challenge, however, is creating a steady supply of Nitrogen gas to maintain the proper flow rate and purity levels. The solution to this problem is installing a Nitrogen Generator at the point of process.

More and more laboratories are turning to the simple, safe, and effective Nitrogen Generation Technology from South-Tek Systems. With a wide range of N2 Generator Systems in a variety of models, South-Tek can likely provide a system that will create the optimal atmosphere for your lab or clean room.

Increase Efficiency and Safety, Reduce Costs

Not only do our Nitrogen Generators provide a level of efficiency and safety, they can greatly reduce Nitrogen gas costs that are typically associated with relying on bulk liquid or expensive gas contracts. Switching from a gas supplier to a Nitrogen Generator allows laboratories to create a steady supply of Nitrogen as needed, saving time and money - which ultimately leads to a healthier bottom line for the company.

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