Monday, July 14, 2014

Nitrogen Gas Use in Fire Safety Training

For fire rescue organizations and their employees, smoke simulation is a key part of the overall training experience. In many cases, Nitrogen gas can be used to produce dense vapor that simulates smoke in a safe manner. This helps create a realistic training environment while protecting the trainees from the harm of real smoke produced from fire. Also, because Nitrogen is considered one of the safest gases due to its non-combustible qualities, it allows fire rescue groups to organize these training sessions without the risk of a real fire breaking out. 

South-Tek Systems is pleased to offer a special Nitrogen Generator designed specifically for this purpose. The SmokeBlast Nitorgen Generating System is for use in fire department training exercises and creates a supply of Nitrogen on demand.

How does it work?

Because Nitrogen is a dominant gas in the air we breathe, the SmokeBlast can "pull" Nitrogen from the surrounding air and separate the molecules. The Nitrogen is then stored within the system until needed. The SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System creates Nitrogen at low pressure and a flow rate that is the same as high pressure Nitrogen cylinders for optimal smoke simulation. However, unlike the high pressure cylinders, the SmokeBlast creates Nitrogen with better safety, convenience, and reliability. And because it creates its own supply of Nitrogen gas, the user does not have to rely on expensive contracts with third party gas suppliers. To learn more about the SmokeBlast Nitrogen Generating System as well as other commercial and industrial uses for Nitrogen gas, talk to one of our experts at South-Tek Systems.

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