Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing

Wet-Layup Protection with Nitrogen Blanketing is necessary and proven method to help protect and avoid corrosion of your boiler circuit with the South-Tek Systems N2-GEN LPS Series Nitrogen Generator Series.

No more need to use tube trailers, costly demurrage charge, cylinder maintenance and storage.   Make the Nitrogen for your application ANY TIME you need it and REDUCE COSTS.  Real ROI that can be proven and deliver real savings to your annual maintenance budgets!

Problems related with improper layup include general corrosion, which adds to elevated iron levels in boiler water, and pitting corrosion conducive to the cracking of pressure parts and waterside leaks. Inadequate layup also can force operators to extend startups to satisfy chemistry specifications.

The Solution - South-Tek Systems – N2-GEN LPS Series Nitrogen Generator using state-of-the-art PSA technology . By converting compressed air readily available from plant supply our N2 Series delivers concentrated nitrogen output stream.   With integrated PLC-based control system, we assure the plant of nitrogen having a purity 99.6% up to 99.999%.

The N2 Series generator provides a nitrogen blanket capable of preventing oxygen ingress and for improving the overall cycle chemistry.  EPRI recommends a minimum of 99.6% nitrogen purity for wet layup and can easily accomplished with our system.

During periods of fuel-pipe inerting, the generator can easily be set to purge any pipe in the plant, eliminating the need for bulk nitrogen storage or cylinders.  A quick connection to the nitrogen-generator outlet with a standard hose is used to reach any fuel-pipe tap necessary to inert the entire system prior to maintenance.

The Result:   The nitrogen generator has improved overall cycle chemistry by reducing iron deposition in the boiler and HRSG units caused by surface corrosion.

In addition, achieve key startup chemistry much faster following a boiler layup with a nitrogen cap than without. Other benefits achieved include the following:

  • Improved overall cycle chemistry by reducing iron deposits caused by surface corrosion
  • An EPRI key initiative - Achieve optimum and key startup chemistry much faster following a nitrogen boiler layup.
  • Reduced nitrogen bulk, storage, rental costs by utilizing onsite production.
  • The potential for employee injuries associated with handling and maintenance of high pressure cylinders and additional storage space.
South-Tek Systems specializes in the design and production of Nitrogen Gas Generators.  Our products are manufactured in the USA We are pleased to assist you in design, technical specifications, and your system application.  Our reputation is well known for excellent customer service, field engineering, 24/7 support and the highest quality designs to meet your specification requirements.   Let our customer references provide you the assurance that South-Tek Systems is the leader – We are Nitrogen! 


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