Lab Applications for N2 Gas

Nitrogen gas is used in laboratories from clean rooms to university research labs. High purity N2 gas is needed for humidity control and atmosphere blanketing to manage lab equipment including cell incubators, dry boxes, and mass spectrometers.

Nitrogen gas applications in labs works primarily to maintain a clean, safe, and controlled atmosphere either in a space such as a clean room or within specified equipment and tools.  The presence of N2 gas displaces oxygen which can be harmful in reaction to other certain gases or materials.  Oxygen can lead to moisture, corrosion, contamination, or mildew. Using Nitrogen to remove the presence of Oxygen can eliminate these threats.

The use of a Nitrogen Generator installed in the lab for N2 gas applications results in a safe, effective, reliable, and cost-effective source of high purity Nitrogen gas and is often preferred over liquid or bulk gas in high pressure cylinders obtained by delivery from an outside gas company.

Nitrogen Generators designed and manufactured by South-Tek Systems use a simple and safe technology to isolate and collect the Nitrogen molecules directly from the air around us that is made up of 79% N2 gas. This gas is stored in a storage tank and is available for use on-demand as needed.

South-Tek Systems will help determine the Nitrogen Generator model needed and monitor the performance for any specific lab application by using its Flow Verification Program, the patent pending MAP-IT Flow and Purity Verification Service, and its Performance Verification System.

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