South-Tek Press Releases

South-Tek Systems is continually moving forward, creating new products, upgrading systems, and entering new markets with our leading Nitrogen Generator systems.  We strive to bring you the latest in news and updates from the South-Tek Systems company as well as ways that our Nitrogen Generators have impacted industry.

Check back often for news and current press from South-Tek.  You can also keep up with us on the Current News page of our website.


N2-GEN C Series Installation for Fortune 500 Roofing Manufacturing Company

South-Tek Systems Installs Nitrogen Generator System at Major Georgia University

New Website Design for

New Performance Verification System for Nitrogen Generation Systems

South-Tek Systems Introduces MAP-IT Flow and Purity Verification System

PSA N2-GEN Installed at ACD Facility Electronics Manufacturing Facility in Texas

South-Tek Systems Hires Engineer Patrick Sigmon

South-Tek Systems Hires Engineer Brad Smith

South-Tek Systems Installs PSA Nitrogen Generator at Iraq Oil Refinery

Jimmy O'Connor Hired to the South-Tek Systems Catalog Product Team

Announcing the Launch of

Tommy Burkhart Hired to Industrial Sales Team

New Office and Accounting Assistant, Donna Aiello Hired

South-Tek Systems Hires James Nguyen

South-Tek Systems Renews GSA Contract Through 2016

N2 GEN Portable Nitrogen Generator from South-Tek Systems Completes Military EMIP Review

South-Tek Systems Announces Contract to Supply Nitrogen Generators for Power Plant

Juki announces exclusive partnership with South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems Now A Certified Supplier at DOD EMALL

South-Tek Partners with Ming-Mei for IVF Equipment Solution in Asia

South-Tek Systems Featured in Greater Wilmington Business Journal

STS Announces Exclusive Partnership with Juki Automation Systems

South-Tek Systems, Nitrogen Generator Manufacturer, Moved to New 20,000 Square Foot Facility in Wilmington, NC


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